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Shuli Golovinski, CEO and Founder of Newtonstrand Innovations passes away at age 38

It is with the utmost regret and sadness that Newtonstrand has to announce the unexpected and tragic death of its Founder and CEO, Meshulam (Shuli) Golovinski, who died on 13th September 2013. Shuli was buried in his home country, Israel on September 15th.

Shuli was best known for his creativity, forward-thinking and innovation in both Newtonstrand and the industry.  He was well known for his love of the meetings industry and his vision of the changes of meetings with the younger generations coming on board.  Shuli will be sadly missed by industry colleagues, friends and family.  Our thoughts at this time are with his wife and 5 young children.

Shuli was a respected keynote speaker worldwide and enlightened his audiences with revolutionary ideas and visionary thinking.  He had released three industry books about how meetings and events are changing - “From Gimmicks to Value – The Future of the Events Industry”, followed by “Event 3.0 – How Generation Y and Z are re-shaping the events industry”  and more recently his book on “Events in 2020 - How do the industry movers and shakers envision them?”  He was due to release his next book later this year “Monetization:  The slow death of sponsorships as we know them”.

Golovinski was the Founder & CEO of Newtonstrand Innovations formore than 10 years and as a leading entreprener he was also involved in several industry initiatives worldwide.  With a Microsoft background and twice winner of the Bill Gates Innovation Award, he was one of the most forward-thinking and innovative gurus in our industry today.

Shuli will be missed by the Newtonstrand Innovations team.  Newtonstrand Headquarters is based in London with offices and resellers worldwide.  The Newtonstrand team and shareholders are committed to continue advancing the successful and innovative brand of Newtonstrand and more information will be issued shortly about the future directions and activities of the company.

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