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Formula for success with a career in hospitality management

Leading hospitality management school, Glion Institute of Higher Education, develops formula to predict qualities of the perfect manager

Nearly 80 percent of graduates from Glion Institute of Higher Education are employed as managers, general managers or directors in the hospitality industry worldwide. What are the qualities and skills unique to Glion graduates that help them have successful careers? Glion worked with a mathematician to develop a formula that predicts whether or not a potential student has the qualities and skills to be the perfect hospitality manager.

Glion – one of the world’s top three institutions of higher education for an international career in hospitality management – is inviting prospective students to use the formula to determine whether or not they are suitable for a career in the hospitality industry.

Utilising a combination of professional and personal attributes, the formula asks participants to mark themselves on a Likert scale, assigning a score out of five for a range of qualities and skills such as sensitivity, adaptability, leadership and teamwork, with 5 being outstanding and 1 being poor. The exception to the rule is h, which stands for ‘temper’. Participants must ask themselves whether they consider themselves to have a temper, scoring 1 for no and 2 for yes. The formula for the perfect hospitality manager is:
20 + (a+b+c+5)(d+e+f+g)
a = teamwork
b = cultural sensitivity
c = presentation/appearance
d = adaptability
e = leadership
f = empathy
g = knowledge of the industry
h = temper

So, for example, if a participant gives him/herself the below scores for each attribute, the following overall score will be the result:
a = 5
b = 4
c = 4
d = 3
e = 5
f = 3
g = 4
h = 1
= 20 + (5+4+4+5)(3+5+3+4)
= 20 + (18 x 15)
= i.e. he or she has a 74% suitability for a career in hospitality management

In addition to the formula that depicts career suitability, prospective and current students can also take Glion’s online quiz, to find out which hospitality management role is best suited to them. Roles include Event Manager, General Manager, Guest Relations Manager etc. and the online quiz can be taken at

Fabienne Rollandin, Director Industry Relations & Market Research, Laureate Hospitality Education, commented, “London is leading the way for the global hospitality sector and with such expansion, the career opportunities are continuously growing. With amazing opportunities to travel, meet people and experience new countries and cultures, we want to encourage more young people to consider hospitality management as a career path. Our online quiz and mathematical formula for the perfect hospitality manager are both fun and informative, and aim to communicate the huge diversity of the industry when it comes to different roles and career options.”

This month, Glion opens its first branch campus in London, expanding the reach of Glion’s Swiss hospitality education programmes to students and industry leaders in the U.K. Located on the campus of the University of Roehampton in southwest London, Glion London will initially offer a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration.

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