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Evolve Events identifies shift towards themed conferences

Specialist events planner Evolve Events has identified a growing trend for themed conferences, meetings and dinners, as companies put more effort into their event planning in order to engage employees with their corporate brand.

“More and more, we are being asked by our clients how we can make their events more impactful, punchy and memorable,” says Anna Peters, Marketing Director of Evolve Events. “We are seeing a shift towards a more stylised and interactive approach to get key messages across.”  

A carefully selected theme, says Peters, helps to unify attendees’ focus and efforts, by providing an ‘umbrella’ concept under which the agenda, speakers, activities and related materials become more effective.  

“Bringing everyone together,” she says, “can also create a feelgood factor that many events fail to deliver. Basing them around an activity such as singing, dancing or playing sport goes a long way towards improving team bonding.” And a sense of achievement is guaranteed because participants can learn a new skill during break-outs or by completing a teaser activity at home before the event.  

Teams can then show off new skills to their colleagues and face the critique of the judging panel (getting the staff to judge their bosses is always a winning role reversal, says Peters).  

A recent event styled by Evolve was given a Stars in Their Eyes theme. Aegis Media, the client, wanted something that would strengthen the relationship between its UK and Irish offices. They felt it was important for staff to get to know each other, break down barriers and improve communications.  

Meanwhile, times are tough in the insurance industry and the people behind the UK Broker Awards were keen to create the atmosphere at their event that everyone was working towards a common goal. Evolve chose an elegant, 1940s vintage theme to celebrate the benefits of pulling together.  

A further trend identified by Peters shows companies increasingly combining their annual conference with an away day by adding an entertainment element to an information-based event. Holding the two together saves on time and budget and maximises the benefit of having all staff or delegates in one place.  

Evolve has a strong roster of retail clients and works with major global brands including Microsoft and Procter & Gamble.  Headed by senior marketing specialists, Evolve has built a reputation for maximising communication and engagement through live events ensuring that attendees retain core messages.  Evolve was the recipient of a coveted Eventia Award in 2012.

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