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Contact: Birgül Özden, Joint Managing Director

The famous Galata Bridge across Istanbul’s Golden Horn was the unique venue for a dazzling event staged for a client by MEP Destination Business Solutions. This video gives a flavour of the colour, light, music, beautiful dancers and guest participation of a memorable evening.
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MEP Destination Business Solutions is a creative business partner

It has unrivalled experience all over Turkey
An event couldn’t be in better hands or in a better destination. MEP Destination Business Solutions has over 35 years of tourism experience everywhere in Turkey plus over 25 years experience in Meetings & Conferences, Event Management, Incentive Travel, Product Launches, Team Building and Creative & Digital Solutions.

We are experts in all Turkey, the land that the ancients called Asia Minor. We act for clients in an area defined by the Black Sea to the North, the Aegean to the West and to the fairy-tale lands of Mesopotamia in the South. We are equally at home in all Turkey’s most desirable locations, including Istanbul, Capadoccia and Antalya.

MEP Destination Business Solutions (formerly MEP) is a creative business partner that is an unrivalled expert in its destination and focused on providing the best solution for each challenge. We not only have the resources for all a client’s ground service requirements, but we understand the evolving business environment in which clients operate. And our dedication to perfection will never change.

MEP Destination Business Solutions is dedicated to sustainability. Our focus is the 1987 UN conference definition: ‘Sustainable developments are those that meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs’.  With this target underpinning our activities and to set the standard in Turkey, MEP Destination Business Solutions has established clearly defined parameters and targets that it seeks to meet. It demonstrates this through committed corporate membership of the Green Meeting Industry Council.

MEP Destination Business Solutions is big enough to get special treatment from all our suppliers. At the same time, the owners of MEP Destination Business Solutions have a personal, hands-on involvement in serving our clients. The result is that we start a project with a client formally, but become true friends, committed to developing mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Well aware that our reputation is only as good as our last event, we always exceed expectations and aim to be simply the best. We go the extra mile to achieve this. A major objective is to hear a client say: ‘‘Yes, I will refer you to a friend!’

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