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Oman Air Media Award at ITB Berlin 2014

Best travel article about Oman within the past five years

Oman Air successfully participated in the recently concluded travel convention ITB, Berlin, which is also referred as the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show. This year’s ITB Berlin sent out very positive signals for the international travel industry. This year also saw Oman Air giving away awards at the First Oman Air Media Awards, held on the sidelines of the ITB. This event was attended by the journalists community of Germany along with the top management of Oman Air.

The German people are keen travellers and Oman has always been a much desired destination for German tourists and the due credit of which goes to the many road shows arranged by the Ministry of Tourism Oman and the promotional campaigns undertaken by Oman Air. Sustaining these efforts are the initiatives undertaken by the Corporate Communictions and Media (CC&M) department of Oman Air in cooperation with the appointed PR agency in Germany, COMBO, that have been instrumental in facilitating the media members, spanning print, electronic and non-conventional media, to visit Oman and get a first hand experience of enjoying the natural, cultural and historical insights of the country.

Oman Air awarded German traTravel writers Adrian Pickshaus, Christian Haas, Linus Geschke and Peter Pfänder have received the first Oman Air Media Awards for outstanding articles about Oman. A special award went to blogger Yvonne Zagermann from Justtravelous.

The awards were made today in a special ceremony held at Oman Air’s stand at ITB Berlin, Europe’s largest travel show, and celebrate almost five years of Oman Air’s non-stop services from Muscat to the German cities of Munich and Frankfurt.

Over the years, and at the invitation of Oman Air, almost 200 journalists have flown on the services, and have taken the opportunity to discover the rich culture and history, breath-taking landscapes and legendary hospitality that the Sultanate of Oman offers as a leisure destination.

The results have been hundreds of travel articles which have fascinated millions of readers, listeners and viewers, and have increased awareness and interest in the Sultanate. Oman Air has reviewed all the articles and has praised the quality of each of them. However, a number of them attrracted the particular attention of the jury and received awards at today’s ceremony.

The categories included daily and weekly newspapers, online, travel magazine and special interest. An additional award went to blogger Yvonne Zagermann. Each winner received a certificate, as well as an Omani ‘treasure box’, created by Oman Air and containing a selection of fascinating items particular to the Sultanate of Oman. The winners are:

Winner, daily and weekly newspaper: “Oman - the Caribbean of the Orient”, by Adrian Pickshaus, published in Bild am Sonntag.

Winner, online: “Style destination Oman: See it before others do”, Focus Online by Christian Haas, published in Trend destination Oman.

Winner, travel magazine: “Gulf lesson”, by Peter Pfänder, published in Abenteuer & Reisen.

Winner, special interest: “Fish soup with a touch of whale”, by Linus Geschke, published in SPIEGEL online.

Special award, travel blog: “Muscat, a city between the times” from, “The faces of Oman – a photo documentary”, by Yvonne Zagermann, published in Justtravelous.

Mohammed Al Shikely concluded: “It has been an honour to host the First Omani Media Awards during ITB Berlin, and to recognize both the exceptional talent at work in the German travel media, and the awe-inspiring source of inspiration that Oman provides for journalists. We woukld like to congratulate the all winners, as well as the very many other journalists across Germany who have helped to raise awareness of Oman, celebrated the many wonderful attractions that the country offers to visitors, and set an extremely high standard in travel writing. We look forward to reading the many articles that we know will be published about Oman over the coming year and to recognizing future talent in the years to come.”

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