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New award recognises digital infrastructure

A new Award acknowledges digital infrastructure at global venues and places the spotlight on best practice.

INCON* has launched a “Digital Infrastructure Award” to recognise global venues who demonstrate best practice. From convention centres to major hotels around the world, PCO’s encounter various levels of infrastructure and technical capabilities.

The new Award aims to achieve better management of conferences by recognising the venues who invest in digital infrastructure, expert implementation and staff.

The Award will be judged by technology experts Bob Hiele, founder of ZigBee Alliance and Chair of IEEE Wireless Interim Meetings, Rick Alfvin, Vice President of Network Services at Verilan Inc., and Daniel Branik, Executive Manager of Technology for one of Australia’s largest PCO’s Arinex Pty Limited. Branik, explains, “Too many times we are faced with a limiting, restrictive or cost prohibitive network, whilst having to deal with a third party vendor without any technical staff on the ground. Many of us have attended an event where technology is poor or products like mobile applications are hindered when delegates log on at the same time.

The Award will recognise and reward those venues that have put the effort and investment into having the right infrastructure and supporting staff, to support the needs of today’s conferences and events where technology isn’t a choice, but instrumental to the overall success of the event.”

The Digital Infrastructure Award will drive awareness for venues to better perform resulting in an enriched conference experience for all those involved. The first winner(s) will be announced at IMEX Frankfurt in May 2014.

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